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Hear From Our Families

My daughter has been coming here since she was 3 months old and I couldn’t be happier with the care they give. They keep me updated on everything and they know all of their students so well! She has progressed so much and so fast being here and I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality care with people you can trust. They treat you like family and it’s amazing!

My daughter has been here since the school opened and we absolutely love it! She has learned so much and the teachers and staff are amazing! It’s very family oriented and they treat my daughter like she is a child of their own! I highly recommend!

My son has been with love 2 learn since he was 2 months old. He started in the infant class and has since transitioned into the toddler class which was smooth and all the teachers have been great with making that possible. At times he cries when he has to leave for the day.
When it comes to trusting people with my baby boy love 2 learn is the place. I can leave for work and not think twice about his safety or wellbeing. They have truly lived up to their name in my eyes.
From the time he was an infant they loved and nurtured my baby boy and as he grows everyday he’s learning so many new words and concepts and encouraging his abilities improved.
All the staff is loving and supportive and I couldn’t imagine trusting my baby with anyone else. They are very down to earth and it feels like I’m leaving him with family.

I love this place. I was looking for a place that I can trust someone with my only son. My son was only in the care of my mother, husband and I until he was 20 months old and they have been amazing.

Mr. Dupree ( the administrator) sold me on my first conversation with him. He ensured that this setting was not just a glorified and over priced baby sitter but and educational setting and he delivered in his promise.

My Bubbish had a hard time, the first day cried for an hour but by day 2 it went down to 5 minutes and by week 2 he loves it that spoke volumes to me Ms. Erma is a Godsend. My boy bonded with her immediately and I can feel that she genuinely loves those kids. The other teacher in his class( her name escapes me) but she another beautiful woman that loves my boy.
Children are true indicators of character and my son and showed that everyone in that place a pure hearts. It not being crowded and those warm morning greetings to both me and my son is an additional plus.
I love this place.

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